Deadline to submit abstracts – October 1, 2020
Education Day will take place on March 5, 2021

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As the primary author, enter your bio and other information below. The only required bio at this time is one for the primary presenter.  Bios should be brief and relevant to this submission topic. A maximum of 150 words is allowed for your bio. NOTE: If you are a Submitter Only please add the name of the Primary Presenter at the beginning of the Bio.


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The description should clearly and succinctly describe what the presentation is about. Why is this topic is important, urgent or helpful to the participant? Remember: The Education Day Committee will use this as a basis for reviewing your submission, so be clear and concise.

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Clinical/Patient Safety
Human Capital
Legal and Regulatory

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Advanced - Material is designed for participants who have a detailed knowledge of the topic and specific experience applying or using this knowledge in a professional capacity over a period of at least 10 years.

Practitioner - Material is designed for participants who have a working knowledge of the topic with a minimum of 3 years of experience in this domain of practice.

Foundation - Material covered is foundational for effective healthcare risk management processes, concepts, or idea(s) covered are at a level for participants new to the profession. The material is appropriate for participants with 3 years or less experience in the domain of practice presented in the session.

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Learning objectives provide a clear picture of the specific skills or content mastery that will be achieved as a result of the presentation. Learning objectives must contain verbs that describe observable, measurable and/or achievable actions. 

Examples of acceptable verbs: Apply, Practice, Demonstrate, Execute, Conduct, Solve. Acceptable objective: Apply the steps required to construct an e-learning strategy.  Examples of unacceptable verbs: Understand, Learn, Know.  Unacceptable objective: Understand how to construct an e-earning strategy

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Clinical/ Patient Safety Track offers strategies for improving patient safety by delving into issues related to error prevention, communication and information management.

Legal & Regulatory Track examines the implications of legislation, regulation and compliance to the healthcare industry and the delivery of care.

Risk Financing Track focuses on practices related to funding risk, including coverage options, actuarial analysis and legislation.

Claims & Litigation Track explores the facets of claims management programs, litigation strategies, as well as examining exposures in different healthcare settings.

Health Care Operations Track examines the risk associated with the conduct of business operations including human capital, technology, hazard, strategic and financial processes.

Leadership Track concentrates on providing participants with information on core business functions, practical applications and a variety of methods for enhancing leadership performance.

Performance Outcomes and Quality Track establishes and enhances performance improvement initiatives through data analytics to provide safe, efficient patient-centered care, while promoting operational fiscal health .

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Workshop definition: A workshop is an interactive educational session where participants are expected to complete a task or create a deliverable as part of the session. The room set up is conducive to group interaction (round tables) and the number of participants is limited to 75.

Educational Session

Relevancy of Topic *

Submissions will be reviewed based on relevancy to risk management/patient safety. The relevancy of the session topic is an important factor in the acceptance of a session proposal. Please provide information as to why the topic is important to health care risk management professionals; what they will get out of investing their time; and how it will make their life/ job easier or more efficient.  Why is this important to risk management/patient safety professionals?

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Describe your plan to organize and deliver the content while also engaging the participants. Note: Teaching methods should include interactivity with the participants and support achievement of the learning objectives.